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Deployment Overview (ASP Classic and VB.Net Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

ASP Classic versus VB.Net: A side by side comparison between ASP Classic and VB.Net.

Tool Basics

Developer environment basics such as common file extensions, common keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Deployment Overview

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ASP Classic: 

With ASP Classic, you simply copy your files to a web server that is capable of running ASP pages. This includes your .ASP pages along with supporting files such as images, include files, and database files.

Optionally, you can also deploy a global.asa file which is used to code certain events like application start, application end, session start, and session end.

More Info / Comment

VB.Net projects require the .Net framework and any additional dependencies you've added such as Crystal Reports.

In Visual Studio.Net, you can create a Setup and Deployment project by using any of the templates available on the New Project dialog (Other Project Types).

In addition, VB.Net projects also support ClickOnce which brings the ease of Web deployment to Windows Forms and console applications. To get started, right click on your solution in the Solution Explorer, click Properties then select the Security tab. 

In addition, you can use any of the many free and commercially available installation packages.

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