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Static Member (ASP Classic and VB.Net Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

ASP Classic versus VB.Net: A side by side comparison between ASP Classic and VB.Net.

OOP Details

More object oriented (OO) stuff.

Static Member

[Other Languages] 

General Info: Static Class / Static Member

A static member is a member you can have access to without instantiating the class into an object. For example, you can read and write static properties and call static methods without ever creating the class. Static members are also called class members (class methods, class properties, etc.) since they belong to the class and not to a specific object. A static class is a class that contains only static members. In the UML, these classes are described as utility classes.

Languages Focus

Languages that support static members usually at least support static member fields (the data). Some languages also support static methods, properties, etc. in which case the class member is held in memory at one location and shared with all objects. Finally, some languages support static classes which usually means the compiler will make sure a static class contains only static members.

ASP Classic:  "Static Members" Not Supported

Although ASP Classic supports the creation of simple classes, it does not support static methods.

VB.Net:  "Shared Members" Shared

VB.Net supports both static members and static classes (use the keyword Shared). You can add a static method, field, property, or event to an existing class.

You can designate a class as static and the compiler will ensure all methods in that class are static. You can add a constructor to a static class to initialize values.

The CLR automatically loads static classes with the program or namespace.

Syntax Example:
Public Shared Function MySharedFunction() As Integer
  MySharedFunction = 12345
End Function

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