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Interface (ASP Classic and VB.Net Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

ASP Classic versus VB.Net: A side by side comparison between ASP Classic and VB.Net.

OOP Details

More object oriented (OO) stuff.


[Other Languages] 

An element of coding where you define a common set of properties and methods for use with the design of two or more classes.

Both interfaces and abstract classes are types of abstraction. With interfaces, like abstract classes, you cannot provide any implementation. However, unlike abstract classes, interfaces are not based on inheritance. You can apply an Interface to any class in your class tree. In a real sense, interfaces are a technique for designing horizontally in a class hierarchy (as opposed to inheritance where you design vertically). Using interfaces in your class design allows your system to evolve without breaking existing code.

ASP Classic:  "Interfaces" Not Supported

Although ASP Classic does support simple classes, it does not support interfaces.

VB.Net:  "Interfaces" Interface, Implements

With VB.Net you define an interface with the Interface keyword and use it in a class with the Implements keyword. In the resulting class, you implement each property and method and add Implements Interface.Object to each as in:

Sub Speak(ByVal pSentence As String) Implements IHuman.Speak
End Sub
Syntax Example:
Public Interface IHuman
'Specify interface methods and properties here.
End Interface

Public Class Cyborg
Inherits System.Object
End Class

Public Class CyborgHuman
Inherits Cyborg
Implements IHuman
'Implement interface methods and properties here.
End Class

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