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File Extensions (ASP Classic and VB.Net Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

ASP Classic versus VB.Net: A side by side comparison between ASP Classic and VB.Net.

Tool Basics

Developer environment basics such as common file extensions, common keyboard shortcuts, etc.

File Extensions

[Other Languages] 

Languages Focus

Common or primary file extensions used (not a complete list, just the basics).

ASP Classic:   .ASP

.asp is the default extension for Active Server Pages (ASP) although some developers will change the default extension in an effort to add an additional security level. Although there is no clear standard for include files, using .INC is common but you must make sure that .INC files are not executed nor displayed.

More Info / Comment

Common source code file extensions include:

  • .SLN - Solution File. Contains solution specific information such as links to the projects within this solution.
  • .VBPROJ - VB.Net Project File. Contains project specific information in XML. When adding a file, it is added to the project file.
  • .VB -VB.Net source file.
  • .Designer.VB -VB.Net form file (a text resource file).
Syntax Example:
//Sample code snippet from the .vbproj project file:
  <Compile Include="Cyborg.vb" />
  <Compile Include="Form1.vb">

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