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If Statement (ASP Classic and PHP Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

ASP Classic versus PHP: A side by side comparison between ASP Classic and PHP.


Common statements such as if statements, loops, etc.

If Statement

[Other Languages] 
ASP Classic:   If..ElseIf..Else..End If

The End If is optional if you put your code on a single line.

Syntax Example:
//Single line example.
If X = True Then Response.Write "hello" 
//Complete example.
If X = True Then
  '>>>do something.
ElseIf Y = "ABC" Then
  '>>>do something.
  '>>>do something.
End If
PHP:   if..elseif..else

The PHP if statement consists of using if, elseif, and else.

Syntax Example:
$x = 8;
if ($x == 10) {
 echo "x is 10."; 
} elseif ($x < 10) {
 echo "x is less than 10.";
} else {
 echo "x must be greater than 10."; 

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