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Case Sensitivity (Java and C# Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

Java versus C#: A side by side comparison between Java and C#.

Language Basics

Language basics is kind of a catch all for absolute beginner stuff. The items (common names) I chose for language basics is a bit random and include items like case sensitivity, commenting, declaring variables, etc.

Case Sensitivity

[Other Languages] 

Languages Focus

Case sensitiviy in this case is referring to commands and variable names. For example, are "printf" and "PrintF" equivalent? Are fullname and FullName equivalent? When you create commands, operations, methods, or variables should you worry about case?

Java:   Yes

Java is case sensitive.

Customary casing:

  • Classes - Initial Caps (Pascal Casing)
  • Variables - Initial lowecase (Camel case)
  • Methods - Initial lowecase (Camel case)
More Info / Comment
C#:   Yes

In C# commands and variable names are case sensitive. The following does NOT:

messagebox.Show("hello");  //Does not compile!

The first time you type any other case for commands or variables, VS.Net will change it to the accepted or defined case. For example, if you type it is converted to MessageBox.Show. Once corrected, you can break it again by editing MessageBox to messagebox and the compiler will give you an error.

Syntax Example:

The following code works:


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