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Base Class (Java and C# Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

Java versus C#: A side by side comparison between Java and C#.

OOP Basics

Some languages support object-based concepts such as Paradox, Access, and VB Classic. Other languages have OO extensions and fully support object orientation in a hybrid fashion (such as C++ and Dephi for Win32). Finally, some lanages such as C#, VB.Net, Prism, and Java are entirely written in OO. Meaning, every line of code written must occur within a class).

Base Class

[Other Languages] 

Languages Focus

When you create a class, it is either a base class or inherits from another class. Some languages require all classes to inherit from a common base class and some do not.

Java:   Object

The Object class is Java's single base class all classes ultimately inherit from.

Syntax Example:
public class Cyborg {

or you can specify the base class (or any other class):

public class Cyborg extends Object {
C#:   System.Object

In C#, the Object keyword is an alias for the base System.Object class and is the single base class all classes ultimately inherit from.

Syntax Example:  
//Specify both namespace and class:
public class Cyborg : System.Object 
{ }
//Use shortcut alias:
public class Cyborg : Object 
{ }
//None, default is System.Object
public class Cyborg
{ }

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