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Custom Routines (Java and C# Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

Java versus C#: A side by side comparison between Java and C#.

Language Details

Language Details is kind of a catch all for stuff that didn't make it into language basics nor any other category.

Custom Routines

[Other Languages] 

Languages Focus

For non-OOP languages, a custom routine is a function, procedure, or subroutine and for pure OOP languages, a custom routine is a class method. Hybrid languages (both non-OOP and OOP) combine both.


Because java is an OOP language, all custom routines belong to a specific class and are therefore referred to as methods.

All methods in Java must return something so even with procedures, you return a "void".

Syntax Example:
public void sayHello(String pName) {
  System.out.println("Hello" + pName);

public int add(int p1, int p2) {
  return p1 + p2;

C# requires () in both the function declaration, and when it's invoked. Leave off the parens to signify a property.

ReturnType RoutineName()
Syntax Example:
void SayHello(String pName)
MessageBox.Show("Hello " + pName);
int Add(int a, int b) 
return a + b;

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