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Exception Trapping (Java and C# Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

Java versus C#: A side by side comparison between Java and C#.


Common statements such as if statements, loops, etc.

Exception Trapping

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A common usage of exception handling is to obtain and use resources in a "try-it" block, deal with any exceptions in an "exceptions" block, and release the resources in some kind of "final" block which executes whether or not any exceptions are trapped.

Java:   try/catch/finally
Syntax Example:
try {
  /* Risky code here. */
catch (SomeException) {        //one or more.
  /* Recovery here. */
finally {                      //0 or one.
  /* Do something. */
C#:   try...catch...finally

C# uses a try...catch...finally statement to trap for errors.

try {}
catch {}
finally {}
Syntax Example:
int y = 0;
y = 1 / y;
MessageBox.Show("you cannot divide by zero");

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