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Constants (PHP and Corel Paradox Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

PHP versus Corel Paradox: A side by side comparison between PHP and Corel Paradox.

Language Basics

Language basics is kind of a catch all for absolute beginner stuff. The items (common names) I chose for language basics is a bit random and include items like case sensitivity, commenting, declaring variables, etc.


[Other Languages] 

General Info: Computer Language Constants

A constant is just like a variable (it holds a value) but, unlike a variable, you cannot change the value of a constant.

PHP:   define

In PHP, you declare constants using the define keyword:

define("CONST_NAME", "Value");

Constants in PHP are case sensitive. A common standard in PHP is to use all-uppercase letters, with underscores to separate words within the name.

Syntax Example:
define('FULL_NAME', 'Mike Prestwood');
define("AGE", 25);
echo "Your name is " . FULL_NAME . ".";
echo "You are " . AGE . ".";
Corel Paradox:   const..endConst

In ObjectPAL, you declare one or more constant values within a const..endConst block. Optionally, you can specify the dataType by casting the value as part of the declaration.

If you do not specify the data type, the data type is inferred from the value as either a LongInt, a Number, a SmallInt, or a String.

As with variables, the const..endConst block can come within a method or procedure as the first bit of code, or in the Const window. Putting it above the method or procedure is allowed but has no significance so don't.

Syntax Example:
kFeetToMeter = Number(3.2808)
kMeterToFeet = Number(.3048)
kName = String("Mike")
  kCA = "California"     ;String inferred.

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