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Custom Routines (PHP and Corel Paradox Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

PHP versus Corel Paradox: A side by side comparison between PHP and Corel Paradox.

Language Details

Language Details is kind of a catch all for stuff that didn't make it into language basics nor any other category.

Custom Routines

[Other Languages] 

Languages Focus

For non-OOP languages, a custom routine is a function, procedure, or subroutine and for pure OOP languages, a custom routine is a class method. Hybrid languages (both non-OOP and OOP) combine both.

PHP:  "Custom Function" function

PHP uses functions and loosely typed parameters. Function definitions can come before or after their usage so my preference when mixing PHP in with a mostly HTML page is to put the functions after the </html> tag.

Syntax Example:
function sayHello($pName) {
 echo "Hello " . $pName . "<br>";
function add($p1, $p2) {
 return $p1 + $p2;
Corel Paradox:   method, procedure

ObjectPAL is a non-OOP language (an object-based language) that offers custom methods and custom procedures. When you create a custom method, you associate it with an existing object like a button, form, or library.

When calling a custom method or procedure that has a by reference parameter (uses var), then you cannot use a literal value. this is different than in many other languages which do allow you to pass literals by reference.

Syntax Example:
method sayHello(var pName String)
 msgInfo("", "Hello " + pName)

method add(p1 Number, p2 Number) Number
 Return p1 + p2

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