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PHP Tool Basics

Development Tools

Languages Focus

Primary development tool(s) used to develop and debug code.


Many developers just use a text editor. There are many PHP editors available including phpDesigner, and Delphi for PHP.

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Cross Reference Examples:

Access VBA: 

Microsoft Office Access is the primary tool and does include pretty good debugging features, some limited OOP features such as designing a class and instantiating an object, and, best of all, MS still has developers working on MS Access (as opposed to Corel Paradox).

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ASP Classic: 

Microsoft Visual Interdev was popular for several  years but isn't used as much any more. Any good editor such as Microsoft Expression Web, etc. will work but debugging is left up to interactive skills.

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Microsoft Visual C# and the full version of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net are the current primary tools. CodeGear does have C#Builder but it's not a primary tool currently and development on the tool has slowed in recent years.

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Many compilers and development tools are available. Common development tools include Microsoft Visual C++, CodeGear C++Builder, and Eclipse.

With Visual C++ you use Microsoft's C++ syntax variations based on standard C++ or Microsoft's new C++/CLI syntax standard.

With C++Builder, you code using standard C++ with early support for the upcoming C++0x standard and using the VCL/RTL libraries. The VCL/RTL libraries are in common with Delphi which is based on Object Pascal. Within a project, C++Builder can use both C++ units and Delphi units.

With most C++ tools, you can also use your favorite C and C++ libraries too.

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The only development tool I know that supports C++/CLI at this time is Visual Studio.Net. C++/CLI was introduced in VS.Net 2005 and continued in VS.Net 2008.

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Corel Paradox: 

Corel Paradox for Windows (was Borland Paradox). Also, Borland used to offer a Paradox for DOS tool which support it's Paradox Application Language (PAL) which is not compatible with ObjectPAL. The biggest drawback to Paradox is that Corel does not have anyone at Corel actively developing Paradox for Windows (as opposed to Microsoft Access which does).


CodeGear Delphi is the primary tool of choice for most developers but other Object Pascal language development tools do exist and some are quite good.

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Delphi Prism: 

Delphi.Net first shipped as a compiler only with Delphi 7. Delphi 8 is a .Net dedicated solution (no Win32) but was not clearly better than VS.Net so more developers moved to VS.Net and bypassed Delphi 8. Delphi for .Net shipped with Delphi 2005, 2006, and 2007 but languished because of a lack of development and VS.Net clearly implemented more .Net CLS features than Delphi for .Net. Delphi Prism (Oxygene) strives to keep pace and in some cases out pace C# and VB.Net using the Object Pascal language.

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Many compilers and development tools are available. Common development tools include Sun's J2EE, CodeGear JBuilder, and Eclipse.

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Many developers just use a text editor. There are JavaScript editors available including 1st JavaScript Editor, Antechinus JavaScript Editor Professional, and SplineTech JavaScript Debugger PRO.

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Many developers just use a text editor but you have to be careful when developing on Windows and deploying to Unix/Linix. Some Windows text editors including Notepad, and Microsoft Expression Web save text files in UTF-8 which is not compatible with Unix/Linux.

There are many Perl editors available including ActivePerl Pro Studio, and the free Perl Express. I usually use Perl Express.

Quick Start: Install Perl to IIS or Apache, install Perl Express then configure to use Perl, then install MySQL. For IIS 7, you will likely have to configure Hangler Mappings and add %s %s.

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VB Classic: 

Microsoft Visual Basic 1...6. VB Classic is not compatible with VB.Net.

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Microsoft Visual Basic Express Editions (as in Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition) and the full version of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net are the current primary tools. VB.Net is not compatible with VB Classic.

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