Client Extranet News

1. Prestwood Develops Web Application for California Fire & Rescue Training Authority (CFRTA) at Sacramento E-commerce Enrollment for CFRTA Training Just Part of New Web Site Features.
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11/26/2002, and updated 3/21/2003
2. Prestwood Provides Development and Support Services for Hahnemann Laboratories, Inc.

Hahnemann Transfers Support of Business Application to Prestwood.

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11/14/2002, and updated 4/29/2009
3. Prestwood Assumes Support for Truckee Sanitary District DAIMS System Upgrades to Paradox Application Provides Truckee Sanitary District More Efficiency in Information Management
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11/12/2002, and updated 7/4/2007
4. CMAS Certified & Small Business Certified

Prestwod is CMAS Certified & Small Business Certified.

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2/23/2006, and updated 5/1/2010 For service: 916-726-5675
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