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Delphi Coding Group

Welcome Guest!  This page is the Delphi Group summary page (Pascal and Delphi Coding). Embarcadero Delphi group covering all aspects of Delphi Coding. Delphi is a Pascal-based development tool from Embarcadero, formally Borland CodeGear.

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Delphi COM / ActiveX / DCOM2558
RE: Consumers Companion
I am not a much technical-minded person but I often visit your page for quality content. One of my friends suggested me to quit online and follow your posts only for best high-quality professional content. I am not disappointed at all. Good job.
51 days ago
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Delphi Distributed Apps52125?No Subject!
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Delphi Internet Solutions4999
RE: TIdTCPServer form Indy - Bind
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37 months ago
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Delphi News / Other102279
Bob S.
Database Desktop on Windows 10
I've been using Database Desktop for years to maintain Paradox tables in a Delphi development environment, but it now appears that DBD doesn't work on Windows 10 for build 1703 or later.  Is there an updated DBD that does work?  Or is there an alternative tool I can use?  I've found several tools that will let me view and modify the data in Paradox tables, but none that will let me modify the table structures.  Any suggestions?  I don't have Paradox for Windows, only Delphi.
29 months ago
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Delphi Object PASCAL100363
Sonia Holman
RE: BDE Configuration
{Too Long!}
78 days ago
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Delphi Single User Apps101254
Nice post.
Oh, it's an old issue. I am still facing this problem but one of my friends asked me to visit different edubirdie com sites to get some relevant blog on it. Let's see.
20 months ago
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Delphi User Groups67

Apk free download is someth

Apk free download is something we should all know about, as most of the apk's like Lucky Patcher are not available on the play store. 
21 months ago
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Delphi VCL68187?No Subject!
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Kylix (Archive)1035
Suse 9.1 and Kylix 3
I recently installed Kylix 3 on a new Suse 9.1 machine. The install went fine, no problems or anything. When I click on the icon to start delphi, nothing happens. It looks as if it is strting, the task appears in the taskbar and the computer appears to be doing something, but then it dies. The task disappears from the task bar, and Delphi never loads. Any ideas what is causing this?
16 years ago
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